Why Penis Enlargement Pills Are The Best Choice For Male Enhancement

There were methods to make the male organ larger long before penis enlargement pills existed. Even the biggest and most vigor filled man wants to become bigger and better. Scientists and salesmen alike came to this realization a very long time ago and products which can increase sexual performance and/or increase penis size (or at least claim to) have been around for centuries.

There are certain tribes around the world, which extend their earlobes, necks and other body parts through stretching. This theory can also extend to the penis. Some groups do use weights and other procedures to make their penises much larger; the down side is that this excessive stretching can damage the tissue so badly that the penis is no longer useable for sexual activity, probably causing sooner or later impotence. And none of us want a twelve inch long useless penis.

A more modern method has been developed and is used by diehard penis enlargement enthusiasts, who are too impatient to wait for the effects of penis enlargement pills, and this is surgery. Here's the basic idea: the penis extends below the skin and into the body about another inch and a half where it is connected to the pubic bone by two ligaments. By separating these ligaments the penis will protrude fully and sit atop the skin. While indeed a certain increase of the length of the penis can be gained, there are multiple downsides to this procedure. For example, how about the fact you'll have a huge and hideous scar on your penis? Or the fact that the penis will never stand straight when erect, you'll be lucky if you can achieve horizontal. Your penis will never again be stable. All in this method doesn't look good when compare it to penis enlargement pills.

Penis enlargement pills take into account the physiology of the genitals. Inside the penis are a series of chambers filled with spongy tissue, when you get an erection it is because blood has filled up these chambers inside the penis, which causes the spongy tissue to expand and harden. Penis enlargement pills oblige much more blood to flow into the spongy tissue so that it saturates and maximum erection size is achieved. Over time these tissues will expand because erection size has become larger than usual.

Finally penis enlargement pills can also help improve your performance and energy. This is because the pills greatly get better blood flow and with your heart pumping faster you can go for much longer without getting tired.